About Us

Reliable Tire Disposal Truck

untitledReliable Tire Disposal (RTD) is a family owned, Christian business located in the Central Texas Hill Country. Gary (Chairman/CEO) and Anetra (Owner/CAO) Thomas have always worked and raised their family here in the Heart of Texas. 

Gary and Anetra were in the retail tire shop business for almost 10 years.  Over that period of time, like most all other tire shops, they could not secure reliable services to dispose of their junk tires.  Since tire disposal is now regulated by the state, poor service means fines to the business owner and, if the problem is not rectified within a reasonable amount of time, the potential revocation of his/her business license.  Thus the beginning of RELIABLE Tire Disposal!

With a private truck, pulling a horse trailer, we began to make rounds in our county to provide reliable tire disposal services to the area tire shops.  One lead led to another and, suddenly, we were making more money retrieving and disposing of tires than we were in the retail tire shop! 


IMG_1367That was in August of 2011; today, the retail tire shop is no more, and we have a tire disposal company that utilizes a fleet of semi tractor trucks, numerous 48′ and 53′ trailers, and a ever-growing number of box trucks.  Our box truck fleet runs DAILY routes, collecting disposable tires from …




  • over 200 tire shops
  • over 80 cities
  • across 20 counties
  • several Independent School Districts
  • several Criminal Justice Departments

In addition, in just our 2nd year, we secured the bid for servicing 3 of the 5 “zones” across the State of Texas.  It is our goal, as the doors open, to make Reliable Tire Disposal THE household name for tire disposal across the entire State of Texas!