Eliminating Disease One Tire at a Time


By David Schussler-Director of Environmental Services

Did you know that waste tire piles, wherever they are, constitute one of the worst disease vectors in our state? According to T.C.E.Q. (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) there is approximately one waste tire each year for every person in our state. That means that there are about 29 million waste tires somewhere in Texas right now. Reliable Tire Disposal is preparing to eliminate two sites alone that have over one million tires and there are hundreds more that have been piling up for years.

Because these tires accumulate pockets of water, they harbor billions of mosquito larvae for much of the year which then become mosquitoes. These mosquitoes account for… West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Malaria, Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, and some new strains of disease discovered in Houston recently.

There is little to no funding available to abate this horrific problem and the illegal tire pile problem is often kicked down the road. A Time Magazine, July 6, 2015 article stated that the mosquito is the “world’s deadliest animal”. The mosquito accounts for 700 million infections annually worldwide, 2 to 3 million deaths annually, and is common throughout Texas.

We can eliminate this problem! Report illegal tire piles to the authorities and let your local legislators know you want this problem cleaned up. We can do this…One tire at a time.