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Where the Rubber Hits the Road…There We Are

One year ago Reliable Tire Disposal worked with Bee County and The Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to clean up about 4500 waste, scrap tires in Beeville Texas. Today we continue to clean up the countryside in Eagle Pass and…
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Working Toward a Greener Texas

Eagle Pass, Texas is becoming a safer place to live today because Reliable Tire Disposal is currently launching the removal process of approximately one million waste and scrap tires from the neighborhood. These tires have harbored rats, snakes, and the…
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Waste to Energy as a Part of Zero Waste Strategies

By David Schussler Director of Environmental Services – T7 Enterprises L.L.C. Before 2001 the United States Environmental Protection Agency considered TDF (Tire Derived Fuel) to be a renewable form of alternative energy. It then became relegated to the “other energy…
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Eliminating Disease One Tire at a Time

  By David Schussler-Director of Environmental Services Did you know that waste tire piles, wherever they are, constitute one of the worst disease vectors in our state? According to T.C.E.Q. (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) there is approximately one waste…
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Reliable Tire Disposal Truck

Employment Opportunity

Reliable Tire Disposal has a current opening for a CDL truck driver. Click here to find out more about this position and apply online.

A Field Of Waste Tires

Bee County Tire Site Clean Up

We are very proud to have participated in a massive tire clean up in Bee County that will effectively keep approximately 9,000 tires out of the landfill. The tires were recycled for fuel at the Cemex Cement Plant in New Braunfels….
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