Tire Recycling and Recovery

Reliable Tire Disposal has grown into one of the premium tire recycling & recovery operations in the State of Texas.

Tire Disposal & Tire Recycling

We are continually working to build lifelong relationships with our business partners, counties, cities and towns across the Lone Star State. We strive to provide services that accommodate our business partner’s unique needs and requirements to stay within the state’s regulatory onsite inventory limits. We partner with local government institutions to provide dumpsite clean-up and help to facilitate community clean up projects and programs.

Responsibility for Our Planet

We believe that God has placed us here as stewards of this planet.  We also believe that it is our responsibility and duty to do all we can to ensure that our children and future generations have a safe and healthy place to build their futures. It is our ultimate goal to maintain and preserve the place we all call “home”.

Our goal is to ensure we can all do business in an environmentally responsible manner by providing automotive, truck and tractor tire recovery and recycling services.

Tire Recovery Services

We provide tire recovery services to our business partners, while working to re-use and re-purpose 100% of the product we collect, with end users in this region.

Are you interested in working with us to preserve our planets health or want to get rid of the unsightly rubber that is taking up valuable space? Contact our team today!

We provide door to door  pick up service or semi trailer drops to our business partners throughout the state. We have flexible pick up schedules, working on an “as needed” basis or route timelines. We work with our partners to provide dependable service that best serves your needs.

Whether you are a small business, or a large corporation, we can work with you to arrange a pickup that is most convenient for you!

Tire Recycling Services

We work in partnership with some of the largest recycling companies in the state. We work to ensure the product we collect from our business partners is re-utilized in the most environmentally responsible manner available.