TDA Now Available!!!

So What’s TDA?

Class B TDA is…
Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) this is a construction material produced from recycled vehicle tires used in regions across the United States and Canada. TDA can be used as an alternative to stone aggregate in various construction related applications, including but not limited to: Septic System Leach fields, Lightweight Back fill behind Building Foundations, and Retaining Walls Drainage/Insulation Layers in Driveways, Sidewalks, and Geo-Thermal Systems, Drainage Aggregate in Curtain Drains, French Drains and non-live-load-bearing Under-Drains, Back fill over the top of Pipelines (non-live-load-bearing applications), and similar small scale construction applications that benefit from the use of fill material which is lightweight, free-draining and insulating in nature. TDA has been used since the late 1970’s and is currently certified and in use in 26 states as well as overseas.

Why Use Tire Derived Aggregates?
TDA has excellent drainage properties, is compactible, maintains its structural integrity and weighs one-third as much as stone or gravel. TDA’s reduced weight makes the material easier to handle and will typically result in reduced transportation costs. Construction-related uses are also one of several beneficial recycling markets for the approximately twenty-nine million tires discarded each year in Texas alone.

Volume and Performance Measures
1 ton =1.5 yards
In place density 45-50 lbs. per cu. Ft.
Permeability 1 cm./second

Environmental Impact
TDA has zero health or environmental impact above the water table and…
Little to insignificant environmental impact below the water table.